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Technical visits

Visa & Invitation letter 

Attendees from most countries will be required to obtain a visa to enter the People's Republic of China; Attendees can apply 
for a Chinese visa through 

a travel agency or directly at the nearest Chinese embassy.   

Once you have paid for the conference registration, we will issue you an official invitation letter (also called Authorised Notification Form for Visa Appl-

ication) to assist you to obtain a visa to China. The invitation letter will state the conference name, the duration of the conference, your detailed corre-

spondence that will be extracted from your enquiry. Please contact Dr. 

Xuewei LIU on liuxw@whrsm.ac.cn using subject 'Invitation letter for TBM DiGs 2017'.

Technical Visits

Visit A: Rectangular TBM construction site

Rectangular TBM (RTBM) construction site is located in China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (CREG), Zhengzhou, China. It takes 2.5 hours by train from Wuhan. RTBM, developed and manufactured by CREG, is the first time to be used to construct undergrounding parking in China. RTBM cuts a square face rather than a circular one by conventional TBMs. Moreover, as a trenchless way to excavate short-distance tunnels at shallow depths, its space utilization has increased by 20% in comparison to that of circular TBMs. 

Visit B: Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam is located in the middle section of Xiling Gorge near Sandouping Town in Yichang, Hubei. It takes 2 hours by train from Wuhan. Being the world's largest hydropower project, this dam has created many "Firsts" such as the most efficient dam in flood control, the most difficult construction work and the largest migration project in the world.