Important Dates
Welcome Letter

Following the success of the First International Conference on “Tunnel Boring Machines in Difficult Grounds” in 

Singapore in November 2015 and the ongoing second conference in this series in Istanbul Turkey in November 

2016 (TBM DiGs 2016), the Third International Conference on “Tunnel Boring Machines in Difficult Grounds” 

(TBM DiGs 2017) will be held in Wuhan China in November 2017.

Tunnel boring machines (TBM) are increasingly used for tunnelling with difficult and complex geological condi-

tions, including rock and soil mixed and interfaced grounds, spalling and bursting rocks, squeezing and swelling 

grounds, blocky and highly fractured rocks, fault and shear zones, and grounds under high in situ stress and w-

ater pressure. Improvement and optimisation of TBM’s performance in those difficult ground conditions require 

good scientific understanding, innovative technology develop-ment and good engineering practice, which invo-

lve tunnelling and geotechnical engineers, designers and contractors, TBM manufacturers and material suppliers, 

and researchers.

TBM DiGs is planned to be an international conference series to provide a specialized technological forum discus-

sing and exchanging knowledge related to TBM works in difficult grounds. The conference plans to cover a wide 

range including characterization of difficult grounds, field observations and case studies, physical and laboratory 

tests, numerical modelling and techniques, treatments of difficult grounds, TBM design and installation, tunnel 

support design, monitoring and risk management. TBM DiGs 2017 is the third conference in this series.

TBM DiGs 2017 is jointly organized by the universities and the industrial companies, supported by the tunnelling 

community worldwide, and interested in TBM tunnelling technologies. The Organizers would like to welcome rese-

archers and practitioners involved with TBM tunnelling to the TBM DiGs 2017 conference to share, to cooperate, 

and to progress.

Prof. Quansheng LIU

Prof. Jian ZHAO

Organizing Committee Chair

Scientific Committee Chair